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As a member-owned, self-governed public pool, CIRMA provides reliable protection and high-quality risk management services at substantial savings to local governments like yours.
DOL Proposing Substantial Changes To Seven FMLA Forms
On August 5, the Department of Labor (DOL) published a notice in the Federal Register soliciting comments concerning a proposed revision of seven FMLA forms. The DOL’s intent is to improve the understandability and usefulness of the FMLA forms.
Municipalities Under Ransomware Attack: Lessons Learned
Hackers attack every industry sector using multiple and evolving attack vectors. In recent years they have sharpened their focus on municipalities, which are often understaffed and underfunded from a cybersecurity perspective.
Preventing Jail Suicides: Best Practices And Policy Considerations
Every year since 2000, suicide has been the leading cause of death in local jails. With suicide so pervasive in detention facilities, it can easily be seen as unpreventable or simply a fact of life in jail. This webinar will present proven strategies jail administrators and correctional officers can use to reduce the risk of inmate suicide.
Deadly Distractions
Remember – A DISTRACTED DRIVER IS A DANGEROUS DRIVER! Don’t be one of them. Download our Transportation Safety Topic Newsletter.
The Opioid Crisis
What Every Employer Needs to Know. The opioid crisis doesn’t have to be viewed in a silo. A holistic plan that focuses on overall health and support for employees, for a variety of needs, can pay dividends far beyond the bottom line – with better employee morale and a dedicated workforce with less turnover and improved productivity.