Member managed, the way it should be.
As a member-owned, self-governed public pool, CIRMA provides reliable protection and high-quality risk management services at substantial savings to local governments like yours.
Special Management Inmates Webinar
Correctional facilities house many inmates who require more attention, alternative housing arrangements and procedural adjustments. Effectively supervising such inmates is essential to inmate and officer safety and for preventing incidents that lead to individual and facility civil liability.
Electronic Tools - Grounds For Concern
Each year workers suffer shock when handling electrical tools and equipment. To protect workers against the hazards of electricity, teach them the basic facts about the causes of shock and death.
West Nile Virus Risk of Exposure
If you work outdoors, West Nile virus may be of concern to you, since it can be spread by bites from infected mosquitoes. Important safety tips that can be shared with your county employees.
Return to Workplace Guide for Small Businesses
As states and local governments begin to remove restrictions and allow more normal business operations to resume, Gallagher created a new resource specifically for Small Businesses.
Reasonable Accommodation Obligations
The Department of Labor announced that a Workplace Accommodation Toolkit is now available to help employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities under the ADA, as well as other disability nondiscrimination laws.
The Opioid Crisis
What Every Employer Needs to Know. The opioid crisis doesn’t have to be viewed in a silo. A holistic plan that focuses on overall health and support for employees, for a variety of needs, can pay dividends far beyond the bottom line – with better employee morale and a dedicated workforce with less turnover and improved productivity.