Member managed, the way it should be.
As a member-owned, self-governed public pool, CIRMA provides reliable protection and high-quality risk management services at substantial savings to local governments like yours.
Back To Basics With Compliance – COBRA
COBRA requires employers to offer continuation of group health coverage to individuals who experience a loss of coverage due to a triggering event. Join our employee benefits compliance consulting experts as they explore the nuts and bolts of this fundamental employee benefit.
Data and Insights To Build A Stronger Organization
Don't let tight resources hinder how you hire and keep your people. Hybrid work, inflation and a volatile labor market are spurring radical shifts in what people expect from their employers. Delve into these challenges in our latest issue of Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights.
Improving Safety: The Role of Procedural Justice and Police-Community Trust
Everyone wants to know “why?” Why do police officers do what they do? Why do community members respond in the way they do? Understanding and communicating the “why” can make an incredible difference in the process and outcome of a contact. Making positive contacts, even from initially negative situations, will help improve officer safety and community safety, building trust along the way.
Electronic Tools - Grounds For Concern
Each year workers suffer shock when handling electrical tools and equipment. To protect workers against the hazards of electricity, teach them the basic facts about the causes of shock and death.