The CIRMA Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who bring to the governance of the program expertise in business, finance, insurance and local government administration.

CIRMA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of one official appointed by each member's governing authority. This team of established leaders provides insight and guidance to the organization to help it reach its objectives and goals.

The Executive Committee manages the affairs of the organization between meetings of the Board of Directors and serves as an advisory group to the program as a whole. The Executive Committee is responsible for delivering services in accordance with the strategy agreed by the Board of Directors, and for all aspects of operational management. Executive Committee members elected at large by the membership serve staggered terms. 


2022-2023 Executive Committee

Donald Little, Jersey County

Vice Chair
Debbie Smith, Ford County

Marilyn Shippert, Lee County

Ray Spencer, Piatt County

David Hoskins, Adams County

Bill Knupp, Henderson County

Nomination Pending