Effective risk management often involves avoiding risks before they occur. CIRMA contracts with Gallagher Bassett to work with each of its members to increase awareness and incorporate the practice of risk management, risk control and loss prevention into each department's operations.

Assessment Services

We understand that within every public entity lie behavioral, operational, internal and external factors that could lead to significant claims and loss. CIRMA provides assessment surveys that look at every step in your operations. Analyze losses and benchmark your performance against comparable entities to see how you’re stacking up in controlling and eliminating risk. We also audit your safety program for compliance with OSHA, state regulatory agencies, and union agreement.

Program Development and Implementation
Our consultative approach is based on a thorough analysis of your local government and its departments, combined with analysis and benchmarking of your loss data. Working onsite and online with you, our loss control specialists will identify those policies and practices that will have the maximum impact. And they will guide you every step of the way. From discovery, to development through training and implementation.

Training and Education
Employee engagement can dramatically cut exposure to liability, injury and loss. We offer online and onsite curricula that will turn your employees into advocates for their own safety and the safety of those around them. Members have access to a comprehensive library of more than 2100 training topics – over 300 audio-visual training programs and online training modules. The information that can make all the difference between safety and debilitating accident.

Behavior-Based Training Systems
Every day, the choices and behaviors of your employees are either increasing or reducing your risk. Our loss control team can help you take the best protocols and policies and put them into action. By making your workers better informed, better engaged, and better protected than ever before. By making them invested stakeholders in keeping themselves and all their colleagues safer.

Emergency Response and Crisis Planning

The threats to public entities are real and evolving. Whether it’s the rise in the destructive power – and the frequency and duration – of storms. Or the human hazards created by active shooters and terrorism. How you will be able to respond depends in great deal on the choices you make now. Our Risk Control experts will help you develop protocols for whatever the moment – man-made or natural. We offer the assessment, the training and the ongoing collaboration you need to ensure that your're ready to face any circumstances.

Employment Practices Liability

Every time you make a decision about hiring, assignments, promotion, compensation, or termination, you can be exposing your government to risk. Our HR consultants will work with you to analyze the systems and procedures you have in place and recommend adjustments and changes where necessary to shield you from claims and litigation. Our legal team will also help you navigate the myriad of laws and regulations at the state and federal levels to help you stay in compliance with all the demands.

Environmental Health and Safety
CIRMA offers a suite of risk control solutions that bring clarity and commitment to environmental health and safety. Our network of qualified professionals assist members in managing risks associated with indoor air quality and the use, treatment, and disposal of hazardous materials. They respond to building and property fires, floods, and all other losses involving water intrusion that may result in mold, and are also proficient in handling fuel or chemical spills and environmental releases.

Risk Control Services for Public Entities (Download Brochure)
Risk Control Services for Municipalities (Download Brochure)

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