Disciplinary Action

The subject line is used word for word in most employment policies to warn employees to follow the rules of the organization. When employees don't follow the rules you take action, right? Or, sometimes you don't? As the rule maker and/or rule enforcer, you are the manager – actually following the rules of engagement to prevent having to pay unemployment, being served with a wrongful termination claim, or being sued for discrimination due to unfair employment practices. 

This seminar was held on May 23, 2019. For additional resources, pleases access the Members' Only page.

Topics Covered:
• Adverse or Disparent Impact
• At Will
• Communicating Expectations
• Disciplinary Actions
• Disparent Treatment
• Effective Documentation
• Mediation
• Positive Discipline
• Related Policies and Sample Forms
• Right-to-Work
• Termination
• Wrongful Termination

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