CIRMA's Human Resource consultants perform the core functions of identifying members' risks and help to prioritize and implement best employment practices to reduce each members potential for loss.

Human Resources (HR) Hotline
The CIRMA HR Hotline is ready to assist local officials by delivering timely advice and answers to specific HR and employment-related questions. Simply call our hotline number or submit your question to text or email. Our HR consultants will provide step-by-step guidance to resolve your personnel issue in a professional and respectful manner.

Guidance is available in areas such as:
• Employee Relations and Behavioral Issues                   • Wage and Hour Issues
• Unemployment and Workers' Compensation                • Discipline and Terminations
• Harassment and Discrimination Allegations                  • COBRA Compliance
• Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)                          • Employee Benefits
• ADA Compliance and Accommodations                        • Leaves of Absence
• Performance Management

Baseline Assessments and File Reviews
CIRMA conducts baseline assessments and file reviews for each Agency member to gather high-level information about how they assure compliance in the areas of employment practices. The process includes direct communication with elected/appointed officials and HR Coordinators to ensure compliance of specific recommendations.

Employee Handbook Review
CIRMA conducts a review and rewrite of employee handbooks for each Agency member. The rewrite takes into consideration best business practices as well as policies which are compliant with current local, state and federal laws.

Policy and Form Development
Agency members are provided assistance in the development and formulation of HR policies that reflect each county's compliance with regulatory requirements. Assistance may include job descriptions.

Safety Manual Review
Workplace safety is a process that seeks to eliminate or reduce risks of injury or illness to employees. CIRMA provides a review and rewrite of current safety manuals. Policies and procedures are devised and integrated into the county's overall management and administrative processes.

Training Seminars and Webinars
The workplace of today is constantly changing with new laws and technologies affecting employment. Our team of professional consultants and legal advisors offer a wide variety of training programs that are available for all local government departments including law enforcement.

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